Clear Solutions: Navigating Wastewater Challenges with Dissolved Air Flotation in condiment production



HUBER was approached by a leading food manufacturer of mustard and condiments with operations in several countries. The Client had just opened a U.S. production facility in 2017 and their success has led to an increased amount of wastewater in need of treatment. The existing treatment system was not able to handle the volume of efficiently, resulting in high treatment costs and compliance issues.



The facility was generating approximately 125,000 gallons of wastewater per day. The existing treatment system was not able to handle the volume of wastewater effectively, resulting in poor performance and high operating costs. The wastewater contained high levels of suspended solids and COD that could not be released to the local municipality.


After evaluating several options, the client decided to install a HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant HDF unit to replace the existing system. The HUBER DAF is a compact and efficient system that uses micro air bubbles to separate suspended solids, BOD, COD and FOG from wastewater. The system has a small footprint and can handle high volumes of wastewater with minimal operator intervention. The HUBER DAF also has low operating costs, making it a cost-effective solution for the Client.


After installing the HUBER DAF, the client saw significant improvements in their wastewater treatment process. The system was able to handle the high volumes of wastewater efficiently, resulting in improved performance and reduced operating costs. The HUBER DAF was able to remove over 95% of suspended solids and greater than 60% reduction in COD from the wastewater, resulting in compliance with local regulations. The system also required minimal operator intervention, reducing labor costs.


The Client’s decision to install a HUBER DAF unit proved to be a successful solution for their wastewater treatment challenges. The HUBER DAF's compact size, efficiency, and low operating costs made it a cost-effective and reliable solution for the facility. The system's ability to handle high volumes of wastewater with minimal operator intervention improved the overall performance of the facility's wastewater treatment process, resulting in compliance with local regulations and reduced operating costs.