Huber Group International News

HUBER SE honours apprentices for successful graduations 03.03.2023  | HUBER SE honoured eleven graduates of industrial apprenticeships for their successfully passed final exams. At the HUBER Forum in Berching/Erasbach, the executive board and trainers congratulated and wished the newly graduated professionals much success in their takeover departments and for their further career. [leggi]
HUBER SE welcomes 26 new employees at company headquarters 24.01.2023  | On Friday, 20 January, HUBER SE welcomed 26 new employees at the company headquarters in Berching/Erasbach. During the official onboarding event, the new employees were given a tour of the production halls and an introduction to the HUBER working world by the HR department, and were then officially welcomed to the company by the board members Georg Huber, Dr. Oliver Rong and Rainer Köhler as well as the works council. [leggi]
WTE Wassertechnik GmbH takes over the 50% share in sludge2energy GmbH of HUBER SE 06.12.2022  | WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, the service provider for the design and construction of plants for drinking water supply, wastewater disposal and thermal waste treatment, takes over HUBER SE's 50% share in sludge2energy GmbH. [leggi]
Seguite subito: il nuovo canale Instagram di HUBER SE 02.12.2022  | Un regalo di Natale anticipato alla fine del 2022: HUBER sta ampliando i suoi canali di social media e ora pubblica anche su Instagram tutte le novità di Berching e di tutto il mondo HUBER. [leggi]
Climate-friendly energy supply: HUBER SE supplies belt drying plant for RWE for thermal utilisation of sewage sludge in Germany 30.11.2022  | HUBER SE supplies two BT 30 belt dryers for a sewage sludge drying plant of the energy supply company RWE at the Knapsacker Hügel power plant in North Rhine-Westphalia. RWE is expanding the thermal utilisation of sewage sludge and other biogenic material there. [leggi]
"Water Future of the Altmühl-Jura Region": successful round table of the Altmühl-Jura Regional Management at HUBER 22.11.2022  | On Thursday, 17 November, the HUBER Forum at the company's headquarters in Berching-Erasbach hosted a round table of the Altmühl-Jura Regional Management on the topic of “Water Future of the Altmühl- Jura Region”. After informative presentations on the future of water and the effects of climate change in the regions of Upper Palatinate and Southern Franconian Alps, a presentation of the HUBER company and subsequent networking discussions, the approximately 50 guests took part in a plant tour. [leggi]
17th Meeting of the Working Group “Industrial Water Management” of German Water Partnership at HUBER 18.11.2022  | On Thursday, 17 November 2022, the 17th meeting of the German Water Partnership (GWP) working group “Industrial Water Management” took place at the headquarters of HUBER SE in Berching/Erasbach. Besides informative presentations, the highlight of the meeting, which focused on aquaculture – fish farming, was the factory tour at HUBER. A workshop on innovation and technology topics for the working group concluded the event. [leggi]
150th company anniversary: HUBER receives certificate of honour from Chamber of Industry and Commerce 26.10.2022  | Great honour for the Berching-based company HUBER: On Tuesday, 18 October 2022, Silke Auer, head of the Neumarkt IHK office, presented the honorary certificate of the Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Palatinate / Kelheim, to which the district of Neumarkt belongs. [leggi]
Largest single investment in the company's history: HUBER starts site expansion in the USA 20.10.2022  | HUBER is expanding its site in Denver, North Carolina for around 39.5 million US dollars. The official groundbreaking ceremony for the site expansion by around 13,000 m² took place on Friday, 7 October. [leggi]
Order situation, site expansion, company development: Minister of State Albert Füracker informed himself on site at HUBER SE's headquarters 13.09.2022  | High-ranking visitor at HUBER SE in Berching: The Bavarian State Minister of Finance and Home Affairs, Albert Füracker, visited HUBER's headquarters on Thursday, 8 September. In a personal discussion with the board members Dr. Oliver Rong (Chief Engineering & Production Officer, Deputy Chairman) and Rainer Köhler (Chief Sales Officer), Minister of State Füracker learned about the current order situation, the expansion of the site with the construction of the new production hall and how the company is mastering the global challenges. [leggi]
Training start 2022 at HUBER SE: 21 new trainees and 4 dual students start in professions with a future 02.09.2022  | On Thursday, 1 September, HUBER SE welcomed 21 trainees and 4 dual students for the start of training in 2022. During an introductory event to take several days, they get to know the company, their new colleagues and the company headquarters in Berching-Erasbach – and start their professional life in the “World of Clean Water”. [leggi]
Five trainees of HUBER SE successfully complete their apprenticeship 08.08.2022  | On Tuesday, 2 August, HUBER SE honoured five graduates of different apprenticeships for their successfully passed final exams. In the HUBER Forum at the company’s headquarters in Berching-Erasbach, the trainers as well as the board of directors congratulated the now former apprentices and wished them much success in their takeover departments and for their further career. All graduates were taken on by the company. [leggi]
Tra le 50 imprese di medie dimensioni a più forte crescita: HUBER SE riceve il riconoscimento "Bayerns Best 50" dal Ministero dell'Economia bavarese 04.08.2022  | Martedì 26 luglio 2022 HUBER SE è stata insignita dal Ministero dell'Economia, dello Sviluppo territoriale e dell'Energia bavarese del titolo di "Bayerns Best 50", venendo quindi riconosciuta come una delle 50 aziende di medie dimensioni a più forte crescita. Nel castello di Schleißheim, a nord di Monaco di Baviera, il Ministro Hubert Aiwanger ha consegnato l'attestato ufficiale a Georg HUBER, presidente del Consiglio di amministrazione di HUBER SE. [leggi]
Four more years: Georg Huber re-elected to the board of German Water Partnership 11.07.2022  | Berching/Berlin - The ”board ship“ of German Water Partnership (GWP) has set sail for another four years: On Tuesday, 5 July, the 18th general meeting of GWP took place in Berlin on the seminar ship “Orca ten Broke“. Georg Huber, shareholder and CEO of HUBER SE, was elected to the GWP board for another term of office and thus for the next four years. [leggi]
Two highlights in HUBER's anniversary year: Open House and "Platzfest" in Berching 08.07.2022  | The ”World of Clean Water“ opened the doors of its company headquarters: In bright sunshine, HUBER opened the gates of its corporate headquarters on Saturday, 2 July, from 8 am to 2 pm and invited the public to an open day. The interest of the visitors from the region was great, the cafeteria piazza accordingly full, the number of participants in the factory tours high. [leggi]
"La testa e il cuore sempre a Berching": HUBER SE ha celebrato i suoi 150 anni con una grande festa 29.06.2022  | 150 buoni motivi per festeggiare nella sede originaria di Berching: sabato 25 giugno 2022 HUBER SE ha celebrato i suoi 150 anni di attività con una grande festa per i dipendenti presso il Festplatz di Berching. Oltre al sindaco di Berching, Ludwig Eisenreich, il Consiglio di amministrazione e il collegio sindacale hanno accolto a questo evento interno l'intero personale della sede aziendale di Erasbach e i dipendenti che si occupano del servizio clienti e dell'assistenza provenienti da tutto il territorio federale. [leggi]
Successful world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies: HUBER at IFAT 2022 07.06.2022  | 50 high-quality products and solutions from HUBER, a great many interested visitors and colleagues from all over the world: that was IFAT 2022, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies, which took place from May 30 to June 3 at the Munich Trade Fair Center. After IFAT 2020 had been cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, this year’s leading world trade fair proved to be very successful for HUBER. [leggi]
Excursions during IFAT 2022 29.04.2022  | On the occasion of IFAT 2022, we will again be offering interesting excursions to state-of-the-art facilities this year. Use the free chance to see first-hand innovative solutions and get an idea of which potential could be hidden also in your plant! [leggi]
Cliché-free career orientation: Nine girls gain valuable experience at HUBER SE on Girls’ Day 28.04.2022  | On Thursday, 28 April, nine girls visited HUBER SE at the company’s headquarters in Berching to learn about apprenticeships in the fields of wastewater technology, construction, crafts, mechatronics and IT on Girls’ Day 2022. HUBER participated in Girls’ Day for the eleventh time. [leggi]
Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new production hall: HUBER SE expands the company headquarters for its 150th anniversary 06.04.2022  | In the year of its 150th anniversary, HUBER SE 2022 is expanding its corporate headquarters in Berching. On Wednesday, 6 April, the official ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new production hall took place; the completion of the construction is also planned for this year. [leggi]
IFAT 2022: HUBER alla fiera di Monaco leader mondiale per le tecnologie ambientali dal 30 maggio al 3 giugno 2022 04.04.2022  | Dopo quattro anni di attesa, IFAT, la più importante rassegna mondiale del settore delle tecnologie ambientali, si terrà dal 30 maggio al 3 giugno presso il polo fieristico di Monaco di Baviera. Nel padiglione A2, stand 351, HUBER presenterà circa 50 prodotti, tra cui numerose novità e perfezionamenti. Un tema che catalizza l'interesse: la digitalizzazione. [leggi]
Great supra-regional interest in the future topic "fourth treatment stage": successful HUBER Wastewater Symposium 24.03.2022  | On Wednesday, 23 March, HUBER SE hosted the first symposium "Advanced Wastewater Treatment for the Removal of Micropollutants" in Grevenmacher (Luxembourg). [leggi]
The HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® – a success story with more than 3000 installed machines 22.03.2022  | RakeMax® number 3000: In the course of its almost 20-year success story, the HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® has become the flagship among screens and screening plants. Special milestone: the 3,000th machine has already left the company headquarters in Berching. [leggi]
Eleven industrial-technical apprentices with successful graduations at HUBER 11.03.2022  | Successful graduates at HUBER: two technical product designers, four metalworkers specialising in construction technology and five precision mechanics specialising in mechanical engineering successfully completed their vocational training at HUBER at the beginning of the year. [leggi]
HUBER SE further expands headquarters in Berching for the 150th anniversary of the company in 2022 18.02.2022  | HUBER SE is expanding its corporate headquarters in Berching in 2022: the groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled to take place within the next few months, with completion of the new building also planned for this year. The investment volume of the new production hall with a built-up area of 7,000 m² amounts to approximately nine million euros [leggi]
Intervista: Lucas Funari, ingegnere tecnico-commerciale presso HUBER do Brasil 09.02.2022  | Lucas Funari lavora presso HUBER do Brasil, la consociata brasiliana di HUBER SE, e dal settembre 2021 supporta il team commerciale per le Americhe presso la sede centrale di Berching. Nell'intervista parla della sua attività presso HUBER, che in quanto amante della natura lo motiva nel suo lavoro quotidiano, e di cosa voglia dire lavorare per un'azienda globale con oltre 150 anni di storia. [leggi]
La prima tappa fondamentale del nuovo anno: HUBER SE dà il benvenuto all'ottocentesimo dipendente della sede centrale di Berching 11.01.2022  | Oggi HUBER SE ha dato il benvenuto all'ottocentesimo dipendente della sede centrale di Berching. Nel suo primo giorno di lavoro, Wilhelm Buchberger è stato accolto dai membri del CdA Georg Huber, dott. Oliver Rong e Rainer Köhler, nonché da Georg Heinzelmann (responsabile Project Management) e dal reparto Risorse umane. In seguito il signor Buchberger andrà a rafforzare il team di Project Management. [leggi]
A total of 168 years with the company: HUBER SE says goodbye to four employees for well-deserved retirement 20.12.2021  | On Thursday, 16 December, HUBER SE said goodbye to four long-serving employees as they entered their well-deserved retirement. The employees Richard Bayerschmidt, Wolf-Dietrich Gräper, Roland Kuttig and Erwin Meyer had been with the company for altogether more than 168 years. [leggi]
NEW: Video from the world’s largest water treatment plant (Bahr El-Baqar, Egypt) 16.12.2021  | The Bahr El-Baqar water treatment plant has recently been recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest plant of its kind. It holds three official world records, including the largest water treatment plant and the largest sludge drying plant. For this superlative project, HUBER supplies, among others, 128 HUBER Sludge Turner SOLSTICE® units and 64 HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8 T units. Get inspired and informed about this exciting project by our short video on YouTube! [leggi]
Impianto per la monocombustione dei fanghi di depurazione a Hannover-Lahe: Sollevamento completato con successo per l'asciugatrice a disco HUBER RotaDry® 02.12.2021  | Conclusa un'altra tappa fondamentale del progetto di Hannover-Lahe per sludge2energy GmbH: le due asciugatrici a disco HUBER RotaDry® 2050 M sono state sollevate e inserite con successo durante la settimana 44. [leggi]
NOVITÀ: HUBER e sludge2energy GmbH su LinkedIn 16.11.2021  | HUBER e sludge2energy GmbH (S2E) ampliano ulteriormente la loro presenza mediatica e da alcuni mesi sono presenti anche sul social network LinkedIn. [leggi]
Record mondiale Guinness: HUBER fornisce tecnologia per l'impianto di trattamento delle acque più grande del mondo in Egitto 28.10.2021  | Acqua pulita per la penisola del Sinai: Di recente l'impianto di trattamento delle acque di Bahr El-Baqar (Egitto) è stato riconosciuto da Guinness World Records come la struttura di questo tipo più grande al mondo. Ogni anno, su una superficie di circa 650.000 metri quadrati, processa oltre due miliardi di metri cubi d'acqua. Per questo grosso progetto, l'azienda di Berching HUBER ha fornito, tra l'altro, 128 girafango SOLSTICE®. [leggi]
“Upcycling instead of drainpipe“: HUBER SE supports project “Every drop counts” in Neumarkt Region 30.07.2021  | HUBER SE supports the project “Jeder Tropfen zählt” (“Every drop counts”) for the collection of used cooking fats and oils from private households in the region. The Berching-based company helps the initiators Hubert Zenk and Heiko Lesch in financial form. In the Neumarkt region, collection machines are located in Berching and Freystadt. [leggi]
European politician Manfred Weber and delegation of the Christian Social Union informed themselves at the HUBER main site 21.07.2021  | MEP Manfred Weber visited the headquarters of HUBER SE in Berching with high-ranking CSU politicians from the Neumarkt constituency [leggi]
New Animation: Fully automated solar drying system for large quantities of sludge 09.06.2021  | HUBER's solar drying system evaporates up to 3 tons of water per year on one square meter of surface. We have developed a fully automated plant system that offers up to 2.5 hectares of drying surface: the system takes over the wet sludge at a transfer point and guides the dry granules until they are discharged, e.g. into containers. HUBER’s solar drying system reduces sludge by 70,000 tons per year, making it suitable for large wastewater treatment plants. In the following animation at YouTube we present our solution which is already in use at various plants in a similar form. [leggi]
Video: HUBER Solutions for Wastewater and Waste Treatment in Industrial Companies 05.05.2021  | HUBER offers complete and tailor-made solutions from a single source also in the sector of industrial wastewater and residue treatment. A new informative video shows how HUBER can support industrial companies in a variety of industries with their specific wastewater problems - in the manufacturing sector as well as in recycling industries.   Get inspired and informed too by our short trailer on YouTube! [leggi]
Ecco come stanno andando attualmente i lavori all’impianto di monocombustione dei fanghi di depurazione a Halle-Lochau della S2E GmbH 24.11.2020  | Sludge2energy, una società affiliata di WTE Wassertechnik GmbH e HUBER SE, ha iniziato la sua attività nel 2018 in qualità di committente per la costruzione di un impianto di monocombustione dei fanghi di depurazione. Come luogo di installazione è stata scelta una località con buoni collegamenti di trasporto nel cuore della Germania tra Halle (Saale) e Lipsia. L'impianto è integrato nel parco per l’economia circolare della gestione dei rifiuti (AWH) sull’area di discarica di Schkopau, attualmente in fase di ricoltivazione. Secondo la programmazione attuale, la messa in servizio ed il collaudo dell'impianto di essiccazione a nastro e di combustione dei fanghi è previsto per il 3° trimestre del 2021. [leggi]
Video: Complete wastewater treatment at the Øygarden wastewater treatment plant in Norway 17.09.2020  | An impressive large-scale HUBER project in Norway recently went into operation: In Øygarden, one of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in the country was built - with innovative and optimally matched HUBER technology. Watch the following video to get an impression of the entire purification process at this remarkable wastewater treatment plant. [leggi]
Sludge2energy GmbH e la Città di Straubing danno forma al futuro dei fanghi di depurazione in Baviera 27.07.2020  | La decisione dei cittadini del 2019 è stata il segnale di partenza per il progetto di monoincenerimento dei fanghi di depurazione a Straubing. Il 9 luglio, l'appalto riguardo i processi tecnologici dell'impianto è stato assegnato alla società sludge2energy GmbH, con sede a Berching, in consorzio con HUBER SE e WTE. [leggi]
HUBER extends its range of coarse screen systems with the HUBER Grab Screen TrashLift 10.06.2020  | Whether large debris, large-volume flotsam or suddenly occurring heavy rainfalls, the HUBER TrashLift protects your sewage treatment plant. The fully automated system is really easy to operate. Discover it for yourself! [leggi]
IFAT 2020 is canceled—next IFAT: May 30 to June 3, 2022 24.04.2020  | After intensive discussions with industry associations, partners and many exhibitors from all segments of IFAT, the fair was now canceled with a heavy heart, after it has already been postponed from May to September. The next IFAT will now take place from May 30 to June 3, 2022. [leggi]