HUBER Solutions for Green Buildings

In times of climate change, rising energy costs and scarce resources, Green Buildings are increasingly becoming the norm.

The increasing awareness of water needing to be used sustainably has resulted in rapid growth in demand for small scale local treatment to allow energy-efficient recycling, reuse and recovery.

As a leading wastewater equipment manufacturer, HUBER has launched a specialist team to provide water and waste water solutions for Green Buildings. Our engineers will closely work with Architects and Contractors, or directly with Clients, to deliver complete wastewater recycling and energy recovery solutions for medium to large buildings.

HUBER offers well-proven products and reliababe solutions to improve water and energy efficiency of buildings and building complexes. We have planned and delivered many systems, eg for shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and office buildings.

Concetto impiantistico

Concetto impiantistico

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Descrizione processo

Descrizione processo

System Description

A HUBER Reception Bunker serves for raw waste storage. A conveyor screw is integrated in the bunker and serves for controlled waste feeding.

In our ROTAMAT® Wash Drum the fed waste is submerged and homogenized. Coarse solids (> 10 mm) are screened out and washed, while fine solids (< 10 mm) are suspended in the wash water and drained through the drum. Washed coarse solids are discharged at the drum’s end and dewatered and compressed in our Coarse Solids Compactor.

The drained suspension is pumped to a HUBER COANDA Grit Washer. In its fluidized bed mineral solids are separated due to their high specific weight. The mineral fraction is intensively washed and then dewatered (volatiles < 3 % and water < 10 %). Coarse grit can be screened out and recycled as road grit.

Organic solids (> 1 mm) are removed from the remaining suspension with a HUBER wege wire ROTAMAT® Rotary Drum Fine Screen. They are simultaneously dewatered and compacted (> 30 %DS).

The screened water is re-circulated as wash water to our Wash Drum. Surplus can be treated in a ROTAMAT® Longitudinal Grit Trap for removal of very fine sand (< 0.2 mm) and, after flocculation, in a sedimentation tank and a HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant (DAF) for removal of colloids. The DAF’s effluent is recycled as process water to the Grit Washer and Wedge Wire Screen. Removed sludge is dewatered in our ROTAMAT® Screw Press; solids contents of over 50 %DS can be achieved.

If the system is located at a sewage treatment plant, the organic suspension is generally discharged into its headworks and the plant’s effluent is reused as process water. Special process water treatment is then not needed.

When we implement our solutions, we also provide other top-quality stainless steel components, such as Screw Conveyors, Manhole Covers and Stairways, Platforms and Guardrails.






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